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  • Memory
  • CPU
  • Storage
  • Transfer
  • 2GB
  • 2 Core
  • 30GB SSD Disk
  • 5TB w/ 1Gbps
  • 4GB
  • 2 Core
  • 60GB SSD Disk
  • 5TB w/ 1Gbps
  • 6GB
  • 4 Cores
  • 90GB SSD Disk
  • 5TB w/ 1Gbps
  • 8GB
  • 6 Core
  • 120GB SSD Disk
  • 5TB w/ 1Gbps
  • 10GB
  • 6 Cores
  • 150GB SSD Disk
  • 5TB w/ 1Gbps

Looking for a larger VPS cloud hosting plan?

  $160/mo $190/mo $250/mo $350/mo
Memory 8GB 8GB 16GB 32GB
CPU 2 Cores 3 Cores 4 Cores 5 Cores
Storage 120GB SSD 140GB SSD 160GB SSD 180GB SSD
Transfer 5TB w/ 1Gbps 5TB w/ 1Gbps 5TB w/ 1Gbps 5TB w/ 1Gbps

Free WHM & Easy to Use cPanel

With our cPanel Hosting you have access to hundreds of tools at your fingers, to create, manage, and edit your website, from any computer in the world.

Lightning Fast Cloud Hosting

Our cloud is built to outperform all of oue competitors and set a new standard for cloud hosting with an unparallel level of speed and reliability.

Free CDN and RailGun ($200 Value)

To ensure maximum reliability, we decentralized our hosting environment. In addition, we utilize the Cloud Flare CDN to cache your website and deliver content to your visitors at a speed you never thought was possible.

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

We're so confident about our server reliability, our service comes with a service level agreement. If you're website isn't for at least 99.9% of the month, we'll give you a free month of service.

Daily Automated Backups

We prepare daily and weekly backups of your site not only to the cloud itself but to an off-site backup server to ensure no data will ever be lost no matter what the circumstances are.

Free Automated SSL (https)

Make sure you site is marked as safe so users are not afraid to visit and buy from your website. Google also ranks sites higher in search engines for SSL.


VPS Cloud Hosting Features

  • Free Popular cPanel / WHM Control Panel ($15/mo value)
  • No Contract with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 24x7x365 USA Based Support
  • 99.9% Website Uptime Guarantee
  • Free Daily Site Backups
  • LiteSpeed Web Server Available for $30/month extra

Every Virtual Private Server Comes With

  • Free Attracta Search Engine tools
  • Free Website Migration Service
  • 250+ Free Scripts that can be installed instantly
  • Free CloudFlare & RailGun ($200 Value)

Rocket Fast VPS Hosting

Our Hosting platform supports a wide array of technology not typically offered through other hosts. These are some of things that allow us to get the lightning speed hosting we have.

Add Technologies

Fully Managed by Our Team

Our team is working around the clock making sure everything is updated and upgraded to the latest and greatest. We do this so you can run your business and not have to worry about the technical stuff.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is VPS Hosting in the cloud?

    Managed & Private Virtual Private Server Hosting

    VPS hosting is the new superior way of hosting websites. Back in the day when you signed up to have your site hosted it would be on a single hard drive stored some where for people to be able to visit it. If something were to happen to that drive your site could potentially go down and you could even loose your site maybe.

    In the cloud your site is hosted on hundreds of different drives. This way there is no single point of failure. One or even two drives could go down and it would never effect your site because it's also on many others as well. This is how us cloud hosts can offer 99.99% uptime.

    With a virtual private server in the cloud all of those resopurces are deciated to you and you only. So if you are getting much more traffic than you used to then you may need a VPS where you are not sharing any resources with anyone else.

  • What is a LiteSpeed Web Server?

    LiteSpeed is an Apacher replacement they came up with to make your servers super fast. LSWS has been tested and proven to be up to 10x faster than Apache. It has a small memory footprint which makes scaling quick and easy. The only downside to a LiteSpeed server is the fact that they charge you montly to use. Where as the old but slow and reliable Apache is free.

  • What is CloudFlare CDN & Railgun? And how do they help?

    Increase your page load up to 200% with a CDN like CloudFlare and Railgun. Not only does it make your site super speedy it also protects against ddos attacks as well. So you get to kill two birds with one stone. Railgun makes sure that your connection to CloudFlare is fast and secure as possible. They work beautifully together.

    The only downside is that this killer combination also costs money if you go straight to CloudFlare. This is about a $200/year option. We on the other hand can resell it with our reseller license. We have decided to let you guys have it for free.

  • What is ssl (https) and why do I need it?

    Increasing security is a huge thing now a days for your visitors. With the way browsers are setup now if you do not have an SSL a visitor will get a big message saying this site is not secure. Would you want to buy something or continue to a site that has a big warning and makes you confirm before ou can continue? Of course not. You want to make sure they never get this message.

    This is why we made sure that we could offer free SSL certificates that were also automatic. So the user does not have to do anything. As soon as you signup it's automagically installed. This will make people feel like your site can be trusted as well. It also makes sure google can trust you. They have said ssl and https are a big search engine ranking indicator. So this will help you rank better in search engines as well.

  • Why do I need SSD Raid 10 wordpress hosting?

    High speed solid state drives allow for rocket fast load times and performance gains we have never seen before. When we throw these in a raid 10 configuration it means we have to buy many more ssd's and get less actual disc space. However, this allows us to make sure everything is backed up in a worry free way!

Chat with us

Chat with us

  • The speed at which my website loads is amazing. It's never functioned faster on any other service. Haven't had any downtime and their support was there to help me get setup and moving. I appreciate their extra efforts in helping me get setup.

    Jeremy Balter , CTO, Future News Network