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Free WhoisGuard - Privacy Protection For Life

We care about your privacy so we offer free who is protection on every domain you register or transfer to us. You don't want hackers or bad minded people to have your personal information like your email, address and name do you?

In this day and age this is very imparitive. Not only to keep your email away from sites that like to share your email address, but also from hackers and potential idenety theft.

Pay-As-You-Grow Hosting

Free Email Forwarding

This is a basic feature that every host should offer. It is amazing way to keep in touch with your customers when you can forward your [email protected] to your personal gmail account.

This is handy so you do not have to log into webmail anymore and guess if you have an email waiting on you. Now you will know instantly because you will get a notification on your phone through gmail. These are a wonderful combiniation for rocket fast technical support.

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Brand Yourself - Domain Name Search

Search for and register the newest domains avaiable. We have access to just about all of the new TLDs.

These are great because most of the best .coms have been taking for years now. Now you can create your own brand with a killer domain that eveyone will remember.

Taking Domain Names to New Heights.

Free Email Forwarding

The best way to make sure you get your emails is to forward them to gmail account. This makes it easier so you can get a notification on your phone. This way you do not have to log into the webmail anymore.

Free Whois Protection

This is a big thing many people do not think about. However, if you don't have private whois. Then anyone will be able to see your name, address and so much more.

Free DNS Management

We have a simple and easy to use DNS management area. This makes it to where you can create your own ncustom name servers or you can point it to whatever DNS you prefer.


When you host with us you get free autonmatic SSL for the life of your hosting plan. This is important so your customers dont see a big "untrusted" option.

Free Custom Name Servers

Instead of having your domain point to our site ( You can have your very own. & This just goes an extra step to make your site looks a little more professional.

Free Domain forwarding

You can point your domain name or park aywhere you want too. There should never be any restrictions on what uou can do with your property.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Domain Name?

    A domain name is your own person address on the web. It makes it so you can be easily found. Without a domian people would have to type in an IP address to find your site. This also just makes your brand look more professional.

  • Why should I buy a domain?

    Most businesses or brands buy a domain so they have somewhere to point customers too. It also looks more professional than hosting on another site like wix where your domain would be the following. "yoursite/" That doesn't look to great does it?

  • How to transfer a domain name?

    Transfering a domain to HostGalaxy is super simple. You just hit the transfer domain name button from the navigation and then follow the steps. When you do it also renews your domain name for another year and you will also have free who is protection for life as long as you are with us.

  • What is Whois Domain Privacy and why should I have it?

    There is Whois database out there. And anyone and everyone can search it. You just type in a domain name and it shows you all kinds of personal informtion including your name, address and more.

    Whois Guard or protection makes it to where they cannot see anything. It will just show words like "Protected" in the name, email and other fields instead of the real details. This is good for obvious privavy reasons.

  • How much does Whois Protection cost?

    We belive everyone should be able to protect their information for free. That is why it will always be free when you host your domain name with us.

    If you look around you will see most sites charge a crazy amount of money for this. Godaddy starts at $7.99/yr+. Hostgator is $14.95/yr. And those prices are on top of your domin price and not included as one. As you can see this can really start adding up over the years.

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Chat with us

  • The speed at which my website loads is amazing. It's never functioned faster on any other service. Haven't had any downtime and their support was there to help me get setup and moving. I appreciate their extra efforts in helping me get setup.

    Jeremy Balter , CTO, Future News Network