How to Create Custom Email Address and Forward with Gmail

Why you need a personalized custom email address!

The simple fact is if you don’t have a custom email address then it makes your site or business look unprofessional. It also makes it look like you don’t take business seriously enough to create one. So what would make the customer or viewers think you would take them seriously?

Which one looks more professional to you?

[email protected]

[email protected]

As you can see there is a big difference between the two. It easy to do and is free when you are hosting with us. So why not go ahead and do it? Here is the guide on how to create a custom email as well as how to forward to a gmail account.

You can start a domain name search here.

How to create custom domain email address

The first step you need to do is make sure you are logged into cPanel. You can do by typing the following “ It will take you to a login page. Login and you should see the following.

Login into cPanel

Now that you are logged into scroll down a few sections until you see the “Email” section.

Email Accounts Sections

Once you find this section just click on the “Email Accounts” part of it. This will bring you to the area where you add and change things about different emails you have.

Create Custom Email Address

Once you are on this page make you hit the tab on the top left that says Add Email Account. This will bring you to the part where you can create your first custom email address.

I like to also click on the option for unlimited under the Mailbox Quota section. You don’t want to have to worry about this feeling up on you and you missing email because of this.

Also make sure you remember the email address of course and the password. Write it down some where so you can remember it.

Successfully Created Email Account

Now click on the create account button once you have all the fields put in. If you did everything right you should now see the green “Success” part.

How to view your new email

Our system uses the new single sign on. So it makes this process easier than it used to be. You don’t have to keep putting in your password for email, cPanel, etc. But as you can see it will get cumbersome over time.

Head back over to the Email section of the control panel. And click on email accounts again. But this time we are going to click on a different tab.

Login to Webmail

This time click on the second tab that says email accounts. This will bring up all of the email accounts you have under this cPanel account. Click on the “Access Webmail” link in order to get auto magically logged in thanks to our single sign on.

Here you will see a couple of different options you will need to look at before you continue. At the very top you will see two options for the default web mail. It doesn’t matter which you pick. They both look a little different when viewing your mail.

Default Mail Provider

Don’t click it yet, but when you do click on one it will take you to your mail so you can see the mail you currently have.

We want to scroll down until you see the following.

Client Settings

This is the settings we are going to need here in a minute to forward your domain to gmail. So make sure to copy this information or take a screen shot of it like I did.

How to Read and reply to emails in webmail

Now that you have copied that you can go back up and click on the big Horde icon. This will take you to your webmail where you can send, receive and reply to emails. If you clicked on horde it should look a little like this.

Mail Client Horde View

As you can see it doesn’t look the greatest and seems like it was built 20 years ago. You can still see how to do everything and if you are on your computer all the time this may be enough for you.

However, most people want to be able to check their mail on the go and want the notifications that come with hat. Which is one of the reasons why I love forwarding my email to gmail. Just using the webmail is not good on the mobile and you have no idea if you get an email unless you are logging on and checking it all the time. Gmail takes care all of that for us.

How to forward your custom email to a gmail account

This time we are going to the Email section of cPanel again. But instead of clicking on email accounts we are going to click on “Forwarders” this time around. Now you should see the following.

Add Forwarder

Now click on the blue button on the left hand side that says Add Forwarder. Now you should see the following.

Pick Email to Forward

In the top part a typed in the first part of my email address and made sure the domain was right as well. That makes sure they are forwarding my email “[email protected]

Now under the destination you need to put in your gmail account that you want to be able to send, receive, etc mail from. If you don’t have one you can sign up for one here. Once you have all of that filled in you can hit the blue button at the bottom that says Add Forwarder.

If you did everything right you should see this green success screen again.

Success Green

Now log into your gmail you either already had or just created and you should see the following.

Log into Gmail

Click on the little Gear icon you see on thee right hand side of the page. This will bring down a dropdown menu.

Click on Settings

Here you need to click on the settings part of the drop down menu. This will bring you to the folliowing.

Accounts and Imports

Make sure you click on the tab that says Accounts and Import. This is the area that will allow us to finally get this forwarding process going.

Now go down until you see the send mail as section of those settings.

Send Mail As

Add Another Email

Mine says Add Another Email. Yours may say add email. Either way you want to click on that button to add an email address to forward to hear. Once you do that a popup should appear that looks like this.


Now put in the Name you want to be known as and the email address we created earlier ([email protected]). And also uncheck Treat as an Alias. This way it will never show as coming from you gmail account but from your custom email address always.

Now click on the next step and you should see this.

Email Information

Make sure you fill in like above. Your server name should Your username is your email address. And the password is whatever you made it easier. You also want to make sure you tick the Secure Connection using TLS.

Now hit the add account button. You should see this.

Verify Access

They just want you to verify that, that is your account. So log into your webmail from earlier and you should see a new email from gmail.

Conformation Code Gmail

Take this conformation code and put in that popup window where it says enter the conformation code. Then it will just leave and ever thing is finally done. Now everything is setup and ready to go.

The first thing I would do is test it out. Also, if you don’t already make sure you have the iPhone or adenoid gmail app. it’s super handy and gives you instant notifications when you get an email. You can also reply and create emails from there too.

Now all that’s left is to test it out. Use a different email and send it to the newly created custom email. And also make sure you can also reply to is as well. If you don’t have another email ask a friend or a coworker to help you out.

Congrats, you now have your very first personalized email address. This is going to make your business or brand look so much more professional.

Also, if you don’t have hosting yet you can sign up for one of hosting plans like our WordPress Hosting Which comes with a free domain name for the first year like all of our plans do.


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