CloudFlare & RailGun – How to Install for 300% Faster Loading Times

CloudFlare and RailGun are a killer combination when you have them installed together. That is why they are a big part of our Rocket Speed Recipe here on HostGalaxy. That is also why we wanted to make sure that they come free with every hosting package we sell here.

What is CloudFlare & RailGun?

CloudFlare is middle man in the middle. When websites were first created you would type in a web address and you would be instantly sent to that website. So if I am sitting here in California and I need to load a site in China, that is a pretty good distance between the two.

CloudFlare is the middle guy. Instead of me having to load a site all the way in China it may have a data center in SanFrancisco, Ca. So loading a site from another location in California it’s self makes the time it takes to load a page way quicker than it used to be. Pretty amazing isn’t?

What is CloudFlare?

CloudFlare can cache up to 75% of your website and it’s contents. By doing this they are able to make pages load lightning fast. The only bad part is that it cannot cache 100% of it. So that is where RailGun comes into play.

RailGun is web optimization technology provided by CloudFlare. It dramatically speeds up the non cached other 25% of you website that CloudFlare couldn’t. So RailGun opens a secure tunnel that it allows it to access your host from their servers.

This works in a way where it only has to pull up things that have changed since the last visit. So if your website mostly static is going to end up being really quick as long as everything else is optimized.

What Speeds with CloudFlare, RailGun and HostGalaxy?

We have invested in some of the best hardware and software which allow us to compete with some of the best cloud host out there.

We will be posting more stats from more sites later on but here is an example site of just how fast a site can be if it’s optimized with all of our best features that come free.

Jobmultipass 242ms

As you can see from the picture above. This pretty much blank site which is how the others test their speed tests we getting 242 ms load time. You can check the site here. And also the tool that we used was pingdoms

Before, we moved this site here to our servers this was well over full second of load time. However, we stupidly forgot to take the before screenshot. So we will have more sites coming very soon to show you the before again. But these are impressive numbers non the less aren’t they?

How much Does CloudFlare and RailGun Cost?

Normally, if you were to go through their website for this combination it would be over $200/mo to use these two in tandem. This is because you have to have their business plan. It’s the only one that let’s you use both. You can see for yourself here.

However, we have worked out a special deal. We pay them so much money and they let us use it for all of our customers. Most of the other hosting sites will charge you more money per month to use it. Or make you upgrade to a more expensive plan to get it. But not us.

We give these two amazing features as part of every plan we have on here. Even our smallest cloud hosting plan that is only $5/mo. We wanted to make sure every plan we offer is going to have rocket speeds and this is a big key to making that happen.

How to Enable CloudFlare

First you need to login to our client area. Once you do you will see the following.


From here click on the services box. This will bring you to all of the services that you currently have with us. Then you will see the following menu.

My Products

From here make sure you click on the center of it. Not on the name of the domain name because that will take you to your actual website. We need to go to the cpanel where we can enable CloudFlare.

Once you have clicked on that you will now see the following.

Login into cPanel

Make sure you click on the link in the left hand sidebar that says “Login to cPanel.” Going this route is nice because our system does it in a way where you don’t have to login again. It automagically does it for you.

This will bring you to the cPanel where you access pretty much anything that has to do with your website. You can upload files, create DBs, etc. But we want you to scroll down until you see the following.

CloudFlare in cPanel

You will see the “Software” section about 3/4s of the way down. CloudFlare will be listed under this section here. Now click on that beautiful button they have there and it will bring you to the section where we need to be to actually enable this.

Login into CloudFlare

Once you are here you ave two options. Either hit the green box and create an account with CloudFlare or hit the little blue text to sign into your account if you already have one.

Next up you will see an option where it asks you if you want to do a partial or full setup with them. I would choose the full option. This way you can get the full effects of the CDN.

Once you have click on the full setup it will now give you a nice little menu. We need to take the DNS (Domain Name Servers) settings they have listed for you and update our domain name with those settings.

Pending DNS

This is going to send our traffic to CLoudFlare so they can handle all of this amazing stuff for us. As you can see in the picture it currently says the status is pending. Once, we change the DNS this should update and say active.

Login into your domain registrar and you need to change it something like this. But of course your name servers are going to be different whatever they listed on the page. So make sure to copy the ones from your cPanel like in the last picture above.

Update Nameservers



Now that you have update your DNS to what they showed you. You should be able to see this in the cPanel of your account. If you don’t then it may take a minute. You can also go back to the cPanel where you saw your DNS servers. There is an option to the right to “Recheck Nameservers.” This should make sure they update.

Sometimes, it’s instant and sometimes it can a few minutes. Either way you should eventually end up with it looking like this. Where it says using CloudFlare is active. If so you now know everything is setup correctly up to this point. Great work!

Domain Name Active


CDN Content Delivery Network Performance Settings

Now there are a couple of options you need to turn on for full CDN performance. Login into your cloudflare account and click on your  domain name. Once, you have done that you should see a menu at the top. Click on the option that says crypto.

Crypto Full Strict

Once, you are on the crypto page you will see this SSL option at the top. Make sure on the right hand side of the drop down menu you select “Full Strict.” Since, you now have a legit and free SSL certificate you can choose this option for maximum performance.

Now click on the “Speed” section in the top navigation.

Auto Minify

Now make sure to click on and check mark Javascript, CSS and HTML. This will give you another nice little boost in page speed times. These do not come pre checked so you want to make sure you hit these for sure.

Now keep scrolling toward the bottom until you see “Rocket Loader.”

Rocket Loader

This also does not come pre checked. So make sure you do. This is an option that basically tells the site to load things like javascript last. This way they can physically see the rest of the page load quicker before it does.

Lastly, you want everything to take effect asap. So hit the “Cache” button in the navigation menu this time.

Purge Everything

Now the very first section you come to on this page you will see an option off to the right that will allow you to purge everything. Hit that button. Now CloudFlare is resetting everything. This way any users who are coming to your site will now have all of these settings you just changed live as of right now.


How to Enable RailGun

Log back into the cPanel like you did above and go into the same CloudFlare section as well. From here you can enable RailGun.

CloudFlare Menu

Make sure you click on the home button in the menu that you see. From here you can scroll down until you see the words “RailGun”

RailGun On & Off

Just hit the off button to turn it on. Only do this on the LW Central button though. The second part has to do with us and we have already done this part by installing this on the server.

Once, it says on you are ready to roll. It’s pretty easy when we have it installed already isn’t it?

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