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Tutorials on how to do just about everything on your blog.

How to Update DNS Settings

One of the advantages of starting your site with us is you do not have to worry about updating your DNS from a different provider like GoDaddy or NameCheap. When you start a new site you get a free domain name and that will already automatically point to your website here that you are creating. […]

How to Create Custom Email Address and Forward with Gmail

Why you need a personalized custom email address! The simple fact is if you don’t have a custom email address then it makes your site or business look unprofessional. It also makes it look like you don’t take business seriously enough to create one. So what would make the customer or viewers think you would […]

How to Install LiteSpeed Cache WordPress Plugin

What is LiteSpeed and why do we need the plugin? LiteSpeed is a direct replacement for the old school Apache servers. It is built to be better in every way. After running the combination of a LiteSpeed Server and this cache plugin they built for it I will never be able to go without these […]

CloudFlare & RailGun – How to Install for 300% Faster Loading Times

CloudFlare and RailGun are a killer combination when you have them installed together. That is why they are a big part of our Rocket Speed Recipe here on HostGalaxy. That is also why we wanted to make sure that they come free with every hosting package we sell here. What is CloudFlare & RailGun? CloudFlare […]

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Chat with us

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    Jeremy Balter , CTO, Future News Network