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Make Up To $125 Per Qualifying Purchase

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Monthly Sales Your Make
1-10 $50/Sale
11-20 $75/Sale
21+ $100+/Sale
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Highest Converting Hosting Site in The Industry

Our custom web design, flash video and over all branding ability has made us the highest converting web hosting affiliate site industry.

Feel safe knowing that if you send us thounsads of leads that we are going to convert more people into customers than any other site out there.

Pay-As-You-Grow Hosting

Best Hardware and Software On the Market

We have invested in the best hardware cloud you can buy. We wanted to make sure we had the the fastest loading sites possible to backup our claims.

We also have the best software too. We utilize all the new tech lik LiteSpeed, CloudLinux, Raid 10 and so much more.

On-Demand SSD Servers

Highest Payouts for Everyone.

If you are just a small time site we will pay out $50/per referral. This is great and on par with most of the other sites out there.

We treat our super affiliates just as good. Just contact us through support and we can up with a good affiliate payout based on your quality of traffic.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is affiliate marketing?

    Affiliate marketing is when you refer people to our site and get paid for it. When you sign up we have a dashboard where you can find your affiliate link. You get people to sign through that and everyone that does will be making you $50/ea.

  • What is our minimum payout?

    We have set the minimum payout to $50. We did this number because that is the minimum an affiliate can make when they refer people to us. One referral is $50. So you can cash out after every person you send to us.

  • What is the cookie time for my affiliates?

    The cookie holding time is 90 days. That means if someone clicks on your link but does not sign up right away you will still get credit for it if it ends up happening within 90 days.

  • What is the affiliate cashout delay time frame?

    This is 90 days. This means after your referral has signed up with us you will get credited with that payment after 90 days has passed.

    We do this because of referral fraud. We have to make sure our high payouts are not being taken advantage of.

  • How much does Whois Protection cost?

    We belive everyone should be able to protect their information for free. That is why it will always be free when you host your domain name with us.

    If you look around you will see most sites charge a crazy amount of money for this. Godaddy starts at $7.99/yr+. Hostgator is $14.95/yr. And those prices are on top of your domin price and not included as one. As you can see this can really start adding up over the years.

Chat with us

Chat with us

  • The speed at which my website loads is amazing. It's never functioned faster on any other service. Haven't had any downtime and their support was there to help me get setup and moving. I appreciate their extra efforts in helping me get setup.

    Jeremy Balter , CTO, Future News Network